Church Place Surgery
6 Church Place Moffat DG10 9ES
Tel: Moffat (01683) 220197
Fax: (01683) 221320
Out of Hours: 111

Prescriptions & Medicines

For regular medication, you may be asked to phone to request your repeat prescription.  If you wish to collect your medicines from the Chemist, please phone 01683 221122 and clearly leave your name, date of birth and the medication you require.  Collection from the Moffat Chemist, wherever possible, is in two working days. We would ask you to request only those medicines you need and also to inform the Doctor of any side effects.

In Johnstonebridge, medicines are dispensed at the surgery, so if you need a prescription, please phone 01576 470457 giving two working days notice and collect them at Johnstonebridge surgery during surgery hours.

You can now order your prescriptions online, click on Patient Access for more information.

What's the Right Treatment for you? 

Please click here to read a factsheet which explains how your doctor (or other healthcare professional) decides what is the right treatment for you, whether you need a medicine and, if so, which medicine to prescribe.  This factsheet is written and provided by Health Improvement Scotland. 



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